5 Tips for Self Care!

5 Tips for Self Care!

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Often times us as women forget to take care of ourselves first! If you are not right, how can you be of use to anyone else? Here are some tips to take in and practice daily!

  • Be Aware of your personal well-being. How have you been feeling lately, are you getting enough sleep? Is your diet healthy, How has your mood been? Make sure you are always aware of your feelings and well-being.
  • Practice being your True Self! Be authentic to who you are without fear or shame or judgement. Once we step outside of that protective box and embrace who we are positive things will happen including a confidence boost!
  • Pamper yourself! You deserve it. With all that many of us do from working, tending to children, maintaining  a home make sure you practice self care and love. Try one of our aromatic bath scrubs or body oils to lift your mood!
  • Find support in your friends and build bonds! Bonding is important, don't hold back if you need to discuss something or dealing with a tough situation or set back. Use your friends or loved ones to support you through that time even if its just to vent.
  • Meditate! Daily meditation of at least 5-15 minutes a day can have positive effects on your well being. Meditation can lift your mood, help you to refocus, balance your energy as well as other health benefits such as improving metabolism, and reducing stress.

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