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Honeylushnaturals takes pride in offering Women of Color moments of self-care through natural bath and body products! We specialize in feminine care products that addresses topical vulva issues such as razor bumps and more. See what the shop has to offer you and start your Self-Care Ritual!

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The Essentials
  • Grapeseed

    We love using grapeseed oil for its many benefits when it comes to skin health! Grapeseed oil is non-comedogenic, it also contains vitamins c and e. This amazing oil also is among a few that can seep deep into the dermis due to the linolenic acid that is present. It can help clear up acne and skin discoloration and keeps you nice and smooth! Grapeseed oil is our TOP FAVORITE and can be found in our sugar scrubs as wells a body oils.

  • Avocado

    Another lightweight heavy hitter for the skin; Avocado oil is rich in vitamin e and absorbs quickly into the skin giving you the moisture that your skin craves! This oil also boosts collagen and works great for signs of aging and skin issues such as bruising or acne. You can find this oil in most of our skin loving body oils.

  • Coconut

    Coconut oil is NOT your enemy! This oil is one of our many base oils in our sugar scrubs and while it has gotten a bad rep for being 'pore clogging' this oil also has amazing skin loving benefits! Coconut oil locks in moisture and keeps the skin soft. This amazing oil also acts as a protectant and barrier on the skin from toxins and dirt. We use coconut oil mainly for the instant hydration that it gives the skin making it soft and supple!

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A Natural Girl's Boutique

Honeylushnaturals has been making all-natural bath and body products for women for over 3 years. Our aim is to promote self-care through the use of subtle scents, essential oils, and herbs that will promote a feel-good experience! 

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