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Honeylush Love!

Absolutely love this soap. The scent is amazing. It’s has a really nice lather and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smoothe 😍. I’ve used it all over and had absolutely no problems at all. Will be ordering again and again and again.


I ordered this a few weeks ago and decided to give the detox soak time before leaving me review. The smell is amazing soon as you open the jar it hits you and its not too overwhelming once in your bath water. I add a little more than what she suggests to my water for me and it works great! This has left me feeling refreshed after each use. I'd consider purchasing this item again!


I love the smell and how it leaves my skin, honestly any product you receive from this distributor you can tell it is made with love and lots of care I've been buying from here for a while and haven't been disappointed yet!!!! My advice get any of her products while u can, THEY.GO.FAST!!!!!


So good to my skin! I love this scent! Its so sweet and refreshing but not loud. The scrub exfoliates perfectly and it isn't oily after I'm done using it but my skin is always soft and supple! I use it all over including what its for lol!


I absolutely am in love with this body whip. First time I used it I already knew I was in love with it and the moisture it gave my skin. Talking about silky smooth skin all day long and until the very next day. The smell of it I can't forget about that made me think of a fireball piece of candy everytime I apply it and I love the smell of cinnamon.


This has been a lifesaver for our family! Ilove the scent and it is clearing up my daughters eczema rally nicely!


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