We Generally ship items out within 7 to 14 business days. If you placed a big order please allow up to 14 business days.Once you receive your tracking information that means your order is being fulfilled. It will go out within 24-48 hours. 

Ex. If you order on Monday you can expect a tracking number by Friday. Your order will then ship out the following ship day Saturday or Monday.

Of course as we grow this time frame may update to fit business needs. 

If item has been lost in the mail and the provider cannot locate your item we will make every effort to work with usps to locate your package. We encourage you to file a report with the proper shipping service such as usps or ups, etc. so that they can investigate the issue. Unfortunately we cannot refund orders due to postal error nor replace the item you will need to reorder.

*please be aware and mindful that shipping times may be extended or delayed, we are hoping that soon carriers will get back to their normal ship times. Orders my take awhile to reach their destinations, continue to track your items and/or contact the shipping service you used. 


Some ship times when using usps may be delayed weeks or up to a month. From what we have been told by usps there are a lot of shipping warehouses that are behind with packages and mail, if your order so happens to pass through one of these warehouses while enroute your order may be delayed. 

Tracking shows 'Confirmed'. If an order was dropped off to the postal carrier and still shows confirmed this is due to the package not being scanned, there may or may not be any tracking updates until the order gets delivered. ( we have no update as to why this occurs as of yet.)

We strongly suggest that you get added insurance when ordering or use ups. with added insurance, ups or priority mail in the event that you never receive your item you can file a claim and get reimbursed directly from the postal carrier you selected.