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Honeylush Naturals

The Essentials

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The essentials is the perfect set to grab our three BEST-SELLING intimate bath and body products! Also the perfect set to start your Self-Care ritual with an easy three step system. 

Lavender and Tea tree yoni wash: Begin with our odor neutralizing yoni wash with antibacterial properties that are found in Lavender, Tea tree and rosemary essential oils. 

Signature Yoni Scrub: After cleansing exfoliate your vulva area and inner thighs with the yoni scrub. Using this scrub will smooth out hair bumps, remove ingrown hair, moisturize and soften the skin. 

Signature Yoni oil: follow up with the yoni oil to lock in moisture, eliminate topical bacteria and odor, prevent further ingrown hairs from cropping up! This oil can also be used under the arms or wherever you'd like. Use daily for best results!

* This oil is non pore clogging*

For individual product details see the individual products in our yoni shop. 

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