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Honeylush Naturals

*NEW* Neem and Clove Herbal Yoni Wash

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Our Herbal yoni washes is made with a special herbal tea that goes into the wash to bring you the most benefits! Neem as well as Clove are some of the main ingredients I side this wash and has great healing benefits when it comes to vaginally health! Such as clearing bacteria and Candida. This is a mild soap wash.

What's inside: 

 Infused with herbs 🌿 such as 





Raspberry leaf

Neem powder

Turmeric powder

Pineapple powder 

Tangerine essential oil

Oil of oregano 


How it smells:

A sweet and spicy aroma. You will smell the tangerine essential oil and as you are using you will begin to smell the touch of Clove essential oil. Warm and spicy. 

How we use it:


You can use it on your washcloth, sponge or, loofah! apply a generous amount (no bigger than a quarter size amount) to build a lather. Enjoy all over the body and most importantly the vulva area.

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