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Honeylush Naturals

Lavender and Tea tree Yoni Oil

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💜 Lavender and Tea tree Yoni oil is a relaxing healing yoni oil made to eliminate odor and fight bacteria. Added tea tree and rosemary to give the most optimal benefits! Antibacterial and antifungal to assist with neutralizing odor.

How it smells:

🍃A fresh clean and crisp scent. you will smell the relaxing scent of lavender followed by the distinct smell of tea tree and the refreshing scent of the rosemary. 

How we use it:

After showering or washing we apply this directly onto the Yoni (vulva) area. It can be used in your bath water by adding a few drops to the water. As extra lubrication by using as a yoni massage apply on the index fingers and rub in. Even after intercourse to help soothe the area. 🧘🏾‍♀️


 Made with:

Sweet Almond Oil 

E oil

Chamomile extract 

Lavender and Tea tree essential oils 


    I loved my items from this shop! She makes beautiful bath and body products this bath soak smells so good soon as you open the jar. I felt very relaxed after using.

    – Mya

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