Coconut Flora Yoni Bar
Coconut Flora Yoni Bar

Coconut Flora Yoni Bar

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Our Yoni Bar was made and designed with you in mind! This is not a HEAVILY scented bar as we like to refrain from highly scented products for the yoni! We've made this bar to be moisturizing and soothing, it's a mild soap it should not irritate or dry you out down there. And will also block odor and kill topical bacteria!

*Great for all yonis, skin types, kids, babies, and MEN can use it too! lol


Coconut Milk

Almond oil

Ginger root powder

Bentonite Clay

Tea tree

Sage essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil

As always WE do NOT encourage the USE of ANYTHING inside of the VAGINA! Soap up responsibly hitting the outer labia and vulva area. 

* Soap is Hand-Cut Bars may slightly vary in size average size is 5.0 OZ. Design may vary, ingredients will always remain on time!