Yoni Oil

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When adhering to a healthy diet the yoni is naturally self cleaning. At times you can become imbalanced especially with the wrong diet, stress and poor sleeping habits.

In simple terms Yoni oil is an effective mixture of natural oil, herbs and essential oils used to restore balance to your yoni. It also aids in adding moisture. 

A little goes a long way! I suggest one of two ways to use this wonderful oil:

Add 2 droppers into your bath water
Apply directly to your yoni as needed 

This is also great for Yoni Massage and couples can enjoy using this oil as well. 

Made with a blend of Natural Oils Including:
E Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Neem Oil

Sweet almond oil

With added herbs lavender bud and rose petal

And added essential oils such as Lavender essential oil or Lemongrass essential oil

Honeylush Love!

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