Taking Back Your Yoni!

Taking Back Your Yoni!

What's crazy is me and my yoni have not always been as one. Nor have we seen eye to eye. Growing up I cannot really recall being taught the do's and dont's of caring for my sacred spot, aside from the basics of hygiene once our monthly friend arrived. That was all there is to know right?!

Fast forward once I became sexually active I was told to take a shower before and after sex, and the same applies for using the bathroom. Visit your doctor often for any slight discharge or issues that may come about. But was that really all there was to it? It was almost as if Yoni was a secret and it is every girls responsibility to learn  about hers on her own.

Such as the Ph-balance, a tricky little thing, sensitive too. One that can easily be knocked off at the slightest switch up such as diet, a new soap, new sexual partner and even taking antibiotics can disturb the balance.  A normal pH balance is between 3.8 and 4.5 this balance can keep the fungi and bacteria at bay. 

We have to be aware of our most intimate area, when  it is off, and what we can do to remedy it effectively and restore balance. Over the years I've come to know several natural things that works and here were a few that didn't work quite so much.


  • Say NO to Douching! not only does it clean everything out (Great right!) It also clears out all of the good bacteria and may leave you even more susceptible to infection.
  • Changing Tampons and pads regularly, I will also add using natural feminine products over these store brought options.
  • Stop soaping it up down there! Seriously! after-all our honeypot is self cleaning what are you hoping to clear out?! Soaps can wreck havoc on your vagina, cause irritation, its just all bad DO NOT put the bar of soap up there! Keep it to the outside areas only and use a mild wash.
  • Tell him to WRAP IT UP! Semen can also increase your Ph levels and before you know there goes that nasty infection you were trying to avoid.
  • Watch the foods, fatty, fried foods, too much sweets. It is true you are what you eat and at times when we feel a bit gluttonous Yoni suffers.


  • Proper Diet! Of course this goes hand and hand with a healthier body.
  • Yogurt! yogurt is a natural probiotic and can support the bacteria that keeps yoni happy! 
  • Tea Tree oil (found in our Yoni Oil and Yoni Scrub) helps to treat BV and Yeast. Pregnant women should stay away from using tea tree for this purpose.
  • Garlic. Adding garlic into your daily diet or taking a diet supplement can assist in keeping the yoni healthy. It is noted not to insert the garlic clove as it may cause a burning sensation to the sensitive skin.
  • Yoni Steaming! (Available in the shop) this method helps break up bacteria and reduce symptoms of bv and yeast. 
  • Womb Massage. No massaging the womb does not correct the Ph however i wanted to note that this practice which you can perform at home by yourself weekly, daily or once monthly is a great self care practice. It can ease cramping, bloating, painful sex, PCOS, Fibroid's, Stress, and it is all around good for emotional health.


All in all i had to find my healthy balance and how to care for myself outside of the recommended physicians visits. I found that limiting my sugar intake as well as fried foods helped a great deal. I steam monthly, use a mild wash and I use my yoni oil daily. As needed I also perform womb massages on myself and use a natural suppository that I crafted myself. The amount of hiccups I had prior have reduced dramatically to near none at all! That's the power of the take back! And working with natural proven remedies!



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I enjoyed the read! and good tips as well. Did you mean to change tampons and pads regularly and to use natural over store brand? That was under dont’s!


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