It's okay to be Honest!

your feedback and honest reviews can greatly help small businesses that are just starting out blossom! Often times, myself included when making a purchase from a larger company leaving a review never crosses your mind. Perhaps this is our dirty little habit and why most do not leave reviews or give feedback to companies who can really apply that information and put it to use!

When I look online for small businesses and black owned shops to purchase from of course I am looking at something that I am interested in buying. Once found I look for reviews from other buyers to give me an idea of what I may expect or if they found the product worthwhile! I do not make all of my purchasing decisions on a review however it does give me an idea of what to expect.

Question, do you feel guilty if you made a purchase and was not satisfied and you want to leave a review but instead you decide not to? What if your issue was something small and easily fixable such as packaging, maybe even the scent of the product, or quality. This is important information that the seller could use and easily apply changes to over making a repeated mistake that they may not be aware of. 

Do you go back another time and purchase or was that one experience enough? For me I always give a seller one second chance. I use that second chance rule because for the most part we all have shopped and been repeat customers to bigger chains, grocery stores or even known online retailers that has given us a bad experience, so why not be a repeat customer to a smaller business who could use the support. 

Letting these small owned and black owned businesses know how you feel is never a bad thing! It is how we improve, it is how we learn what products people love and what may need to go, and it's how we can use that information to grow our business and get better! 


  • I used to suffer from frequent BV & yeast infections. I’ve been using Honey Lushes yoni steams for almost 2 years now & they leave my yoni feeling fresh, clean & tighter. Plus no more awkward smells. Actually no smell at all! I recently tried the Tume Glo Radiant Face Oil. I put it on every night before bed & in about 3 days, I noticed my skin was clearer with a more even tone.
    The owner will respond to any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner & my products always arrive within 2-3 business days. There are local shops in my area I could try, but I refuse to. I’m sticking with Honey Lush because they take care of their people!

    Quita B.
  • I’m hooked on your scrubs fo’ life. Oh, and so is the fiancé.

    Arial Burrus
  • Received my Yoni scrub and soap and I absolutely love the fragrances “lemon grass” especially…..oh and it made my skin feel super soft and silky! Love it all

    Cha B.

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